Oval Wall Mounted Bathroom TV Mirror

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1000 piece per week
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  • Product Name
    Bathroom TV Mirror
  • Mirror Type
    5mm copper free silver mirror
  • Chassis
    Rust resistant metal chassis
  • Mirror Size
  • Installation
    Wall mount
  • Warranty
    3-year limited guarantee
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Oval Wall Mounted Bathroom TV Mirror

Oval Shaped TV Mirror with a decorative mirror profile that reflects the wall/tile, to match the style of your bathroom.These mirrors have a decorative mirror profile that reflects the wall/tile, so the mirror matches 

the style of your bathroom. Optional bevelled edge on the mirror, catches the light and creates an interesting visual effect.

The Manufacturer Advantages of Bathroom TV Mirror

Eterna Lighting is a China-based display technology developer and manufacturer, supplying companies and consumers worldwide with cutting edge products and services. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the latest in 

state of the display technology that can be utilized in almost any environment resulting in advanced viewing and 

interaction experiences.We continually develop this technology while remaining a responsible, sustainable company, 

fully committed to the well-being of our employees and community. Our R&D team is comprised of digital technology pioneers, averaging more than 10 years of experience each, and our sophisticated manufacturing facilities are perfect

We combine this with a stringent commitment to quality assurance, ensuring our products are exceptional. 

Q:What size should I order the mirror?

A:The great thing about the our TV Mirror is that it is highly reflective, so you can do any mirror size and use a 

smaller display behind the mirror and it will vanish completely. In our most popular framing instructional guides, 

we are cutting the mirror to be the same size as the overall size of the TV.

Q:Which is better to use, a monitor or TV?

A:If you’re making a small smart mirror, a tablet is often the best choice because it is thin and smart mirror apps 

are easy to find now. For a large smart mirror, it’s generally better to use a TV, preferably a thin TV.  A TV typically 

has a flat backside and you can turn it on and off with a remote straight through the mirror.

Q:How close of a match is it to a standard mirror?

A:The Eterna Lighting has been formulated to match a standard mirror exactly when they are side by side. No 

longer do you need to order matching mirrors for the other mirrors in the room.

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